September 17, 2010

My New Life..

I’m in the office rite now… still checking all the documents that missing… ayoo.. that’s a lot of document need to revised & update… but.. whatever job that i’m handling now.. I’m feel very happy..coz this is what i hope and what i want now in my life… Busy with my work.. so i don’t have time to think about another think..especially about feelings… What i know is… I love my new life… :)

After all the bad things that really2 happened to me, it makes me strong & mature..I’m feel comfortable with my life now… My heart is deeply locked..and i have throw far..far away the key… whatever people want to say, is their what i supposed to do - just ignore !..

Now, I have 2 objectives in my new life that had just begin….

Firstly,..i want to make my family happy..i mean my mom, dad & also my sisters.. I want to help them..I want my sisters success in their, i need to support her & help her to build her directions…For my mom & dad, i’ll make sure that they will proud & happy with me.. I will.. Insyaallah..

Secondly,.. I want to built my career back that lost before this.. so, i want to be a successful woman…make my organisation that i intend proud once they hired me.. :) i will built & improved myself..I will take all the opportunities that had been given to me… I know that whatever happened, I can do the best.. Insyaallah… amin ~

So, for this year… hopefully I can fulfill this target… make my people around me proud & happy with me… :)

I know that I will…

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